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How Landscaping Can Improve Your Property Value and Attract New Home Buyers

Landscaping is a huge part of what makes your home look beautiful. It’s also a great way to improve your property value and attract new potential homeowners. Landscapes can make a space feel more welcoming and cozy or more formal and clean. It’s all about assembling the right pieces and choosing the right colors, form, and materials to create a cohesive design.

Landscape Design

Color is an important design element that landscapers rely on to guide the human eye and draw attention to certain areas of interest. Understanding how colors relate to one another and work with other design elements can help your landscape look its best. Landscape designers also use color to create a specific mood. Warm colors like red and orange bring energy, while cool colors like blues and purples create a tranquil atmosphere.

When you are choosing flower colors, it is a good idea to keep in mind the color of your house and any other hardscape features. The building color should blend with the landscaping and provide a background for the flowers to shine against.

A garden can also be enhanced by using neutral colors, such as white, gray and tan. These colors are present on the bark of woody plants, on evergreens and in dormant grasses.

The shape and form of plants, hardscape features and structures influence the overall look and feel of a landscape. Precisely trimmed, geometric shapes and forms like circles, squares and polygons define a space much differently than an irregular, flowing design.

Freeform forms, on the other hand, rely more on the natural flow of the land to create visual interest. This can be achieved by creating meandering walkways and lines, or planting trees and shrubs without formal shapes or retaining walls that follow the natural lay of the land.

Lines in a landscape are used to define the edges of plant beds and hardscape areas. They connect the landscape and house because the eye moves along them as you move from one area to another.

Lines can be created in several ways, including where the edge of a garden bed meets the edge of turf, groundcover, or gravel; or when the edge of the built structure contrasts with the background. Common lines in the landscape include bedlines, hardscape lines, path and sod lines, and fence lines.

The amount of space your design uses is a major factor in its overall effect. The right amount of plantings and features will not only enhance the visual appeal, but also make your space feel more natural to visitors and occupants alike.

The most successful landscapes are those that offer a number of distinct areas to use and interact in, all while avoiding clutter. This can be achieved by incorporating elements such as fences, walls and plant beds.

There are plenty of other factors to consider when planning your next landscaping project, including the size of container used. Using the right size containers can help you to create the most effective and functional outdoor space on your lot. For instance, a large container may be the best option for creating an entertaining space in the middle of your yard, while a medium-sized container is more likely to provide adequate privacy at one end of your property. When a property owner takes the time to care for their outdoor space properly, it adds value to the home. A healthy landscape is also easier on the wallet, as you can avoid costly repairs and maintenance down the road.

Plants need frequent trimming and pruning to thrive. This allows air, sunlight, and water to penetrate deeply into the soil, maximizing their nutritional value. In addition, regular landscaping services prevent weeds from growing out of control. These invasive species rob your plants of essential minerals and moisture.

Maintaining your outdoor spaces also leaves a good impression on visitors, employees, and potential buyers. A clean and aesthetically pleasing space is a great way to boost morale at your business or increase the resale value of your residential property.